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Improv blog: Improv is good for you

September 5, 2007

Another day another improv blog (there’re more than I thought!)

This blog is almost entirely photos of improv shows.

Improv is good for you

My favourite part is the occasional video. As someone who often feels isolated from the larger world of improv, it’s always nice to see what other people are doing.

Here’s one now

Project Improviser

September 1, 2007

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before.

Project Improviser

An online reality show about a group of improvisers.

I was totally hooked on this when it ran last year, and I just got hooked on it again as I was looking up the link.

Improv Blog: Bagelprov

August 18, 2007

Just came across a new improv blog (as usual thanks to Creative Creativity).


Definitely check this one out.

Full KJ interview

August 7, 2007

Following on from this post.

Here is the full interview.

There’s some wonderful stuff in there.

KJ: …I think the fear has to be gotten rid of. In a Swedish theatre an old actor said to me – Sweden’s got lots of money for theatre and they have all kinds of foreign directors come in and teach them things – he said, “You’re the first person in my career in the Swedish theatre who ever mentioned fear.” It’s just taboo. People are not supposed to be afraid. And they’re petrified. I’m amazed that I was the only person he’d ever met who mentioned it. He said, “And I’m very happy now because I knew I was afraid but I thought the others weren’t. Now you’ve arrived here and I know they’re all just as scared as I am.”

GM: And it’s okay?
KJ: It’s ridiculous. If you’re an office worker or a a wood cutter or something and you were scared going to work every day, and you had to have a drink before you started work, which is quite common. Actors are at the very top of lists of alcoholics, you know? Travelling salesmen and actors are always at the top. And it’s partly because of the terror and partly because they’re adrift in foreign cities quite often and there’s always a pub next to the theatre. So what do you do during the day? It’s a great temptation.

GM: How do you get rid of the fear, other than drinking? Or do you just embrace it?
KJ: Well, you admit it, first of all. That’s a help. You’re negative to protect yourself, really. People try to force against the negativity and say yes to everything, but they should do it by getting rid of the fear and then it wouldn’t matter. People put rules in. There are so many rules, like you mustn’t ask a question. That’s a rule that’s being propagated. Some teacher had a student who obviously would ask questions and hardly contribute anything. In which case, for that student, you should stop them asking questions. But if somebody asks a question you should say, “Did you ask that question because you were afraid?”, in which case they shouldn’t have asked it. Or you could say, “Why did you do that?” and they could say, “It’d be fun for my partner”, in which case, yes, you should do it. So the imposition of rules is ridiculous. It’s a question of what you’re trying to do at the time. Did you kill the idea because you’re a coward or did you kill it because it’s more fun? If it’s more fun, kill the idea.

Improv Blog: Improvoker

July 19, 2007

There’s definitely more improv blogs out there than I thought.

Here’s a nice entry from Improvoker about note taking.

Recently a UCB instructor asked me, while I was sitting in the UCB training center’s waiting room, writing in my improv notebook, whether I took class notes.

You now I never see many students taking notes in classes I teach. Back when I was in classes I took lots of notes and I still have all my notebooks.
Yeah, I hardy ever see students taking notes in classes and it sees strange to me as well. I would never remember any of this if I didn’t take notes.

Read it all.

Improv Blog: Without Annette

July 13, 2007

Came across this blog from Montreal group Without Annette.*

Here’s a fun entry about group names.

The Zany
Improv is crazy and zany right? So why not pick a name that reflects the wackiness! This is the largest category by far. Animals are typically involved. Examples: Flying Fish Fun Factory, Rubber Chickens, Crazy Monkeys.

*I swear to god, I only just got this pun.

Improv Encyclopedia

June 27, 2007

The Improv Encyclopedia has been revamped, and it looks great.

Check it out.

Hackers and improvisers

June 5, 2007

 Stumbled across this blog, Hackers and Improviser, a few days ago.  It’s about Hacking… and improvising.

Well, the computer-y stuff is lost on m, but he has some really great workshop notes.
Here’s a warm-up that rather tickled my fancy.  Taken from a Mark Chalfant and Molly Woods workshop;

  • Cosby warmup: we all did short two-person scenes where everyone had to do their worst Bill Cosby impression. You could do this with any impression, the point of it was to get everyone used to taking risks and embracing failure.

This is much better than what I usually do, which is tell students ‘you’re just going to have to get used to looking like an idiot’.

Anyway, there’s a lot of good stuff there.  Check it out.

Improv Interviews

May 14, 2007

I’ve just this moment stumbled upon this website.  Improv Interviews.

Looks interesting.  Though I wish the archives worked.

The Office (US)

May 8, 2007

Here’s a clip from The Office where Steve Carrell attends an improv workshop. From season 2 Episode 9.

My own worst improv workshop experience started with a nice ‘father teaching his son to play catch’ and ended with someone running back and forth across the stage yelling ‘I’m Xena the Warrior Princess!’ while swinging a mimed lightsaber.