Intro to Improv: the build up pt2

This is take two on this section. A few minor changes and a new page at the bottom.  As always, click for a bigger picture.





2 Responses to “Intro to Improv: the build up pt2”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    Yay! I love it!
    He broke improv poor blue head guy.

  2. Michael Says:

    I love this graph idea and the drawings are great, but if you’re going to make an example of good improv why not use dialogue that works for more than story? Here you are 4 lines in and we know nothing about the relationship, we’ve introduced a 3rd character and now have to change locations! Something like this builds story AND relationship:

    Awesome camera!

    I’m going to take pictures of all my Heroes. ( takes photo of partner)

    thanks! Uh, you’re… my… um… hero too. (begins nervously pouring drinks)

    Boy, that didn’t sound sincere. Thanks for nothing. (slams drink down, spilling it)

    Now we’ve got story, physical actions and relationships started.

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