Johnstone, like, totally hates improv


 Improv founder Keith Johnstone recants

Johnstone invented, among many other forms of improv, TheatreSports, which is arguably the most popular, thanks in large part to Whose Line Is It Anyway? and, in this city, the Vancouver TheatreSports League.

But it’s not long into a far-ranging phone conversation with Johnstone that you get the impression he believes his creation has turned into something of a monster.

“I won’t go to see improvisers, actually,” admits the septuagenarian Englishman. “It’s so stupid.”

There’s nothing here he hasn’t been saying for years.

It would be more accurate to say ‘Keith Johnstone doesn’t like a lot of improv.’


2 Responses to “Johnstone, like, totally hates improv”

  1. David Wahl Says:

    Last time I saw him he was full anti-improv stuff. He kept listing things that improvisers ALWAYS do. Whenever an improviser gets in a car it NEVER starts. You NEVER see scene this subtle on stage.

    I was so mad I subtly got in in my improv car and drove home.

  2. Full KJ interview « story robot Says:

    […] KJ interview Following on from this […]

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