Improv Blog: Improvoker

There’s definitely more improv blogs out there than I thought.

Here’s a nice entry from Improvoker about note taking.

Recently a UCB instructor asked me, while I was sitting in the UCB training center’s waiting room, writing in my improv notebook, whether I took class notes.

You now I never see many students taking notes in classes I teach. Back when I was in classes I took lots of notes and I still have all my notebooks.
Yeah, I hardy ever see students taking notes in classes and it sees strange to me as well. I would never remember any of this if I didn’t take notes.

Read it all.


2 Responses to “Improv Blog: Improvoker”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    We all took notes when I started. It’s rarer and rarer. We were all given notebooks though. Some of those notebooks are just filled with snarky comments, and as such are fascinating historical documents anyway.

  2. David Alger Says:

    I like taking notes, it helps me remember the games. Its fun to go back over old notes and realize how much tere is to learn in improv.

    Plus it gives you something you can share with others.

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