Improv Blog: Without Annette

Came across this blog from Montreal group Without Annette.*

Here’s a fun entry about group names.

The Zany
Improv is crazy and zany right? So why not pick a name that reflects the wackiness! This is the largest category by far. Animals are typically involved. Examples: Flying Fish Fun Factory, Rubber Chickens, Crazy Monkeys.

*I swear to god, I only just got this pun.


5 Responses to “Improv Blog: Without Annette”

  1. Mariana Says:

    That’s awesome that you’re linking to them. That blog is a great resource, and Without Annette is a talented troupe.

    Full disclosure: they’re friends of mine. But I’m still telling the truth. I actually found your blog through theirs, and it’s on my RSS feed. Good Stuff 😀

  2. improbable Says:

    Thanks Mariana,

    If you know any other good improv blogs I’ll be happy to link to the too.

  3. Erin Dean Says:

    I read this and got to the asterisk about “getting the pun” and was like “what’s the pun???” After some thought i concluded it was “without an ‘ette'” and since it’s a Montreal group and ‘ette’ sounded French i figured it must be a French joke i didn’t get.

    Then i got the actual pun.

  4. Comikaze Says:

    The best puns are those that sneak into your brain before you can fight them off with a loud groan.

    Or, perhaps, should I say worst?

  5. improbable Says:

    I remember it was many years before I realized all the names in Asterix were puns.

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