Compiled Improv Wisdom

David Wahl (of Creative Creativity fame) sent me this link;

Purple Crayon’s Improv Wisdom

It’s a list of about 150 bits of  improv advice.  It’s all good stuff, but I find it impossible to read so much condensed knowledge in one sitting.

Here’s something that’s well worth saying;

On getting suggestions: 1) put the audience at ease, don’t put them to a test, or on the spot. 2) define what you want. 3) encourage them to be creative and at the top of their intelligence to suggest what they want to see.


2 Responses to “Compiled Improv Wisdom”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    When I first found that improv almanac years ago I printed it out and cut it up. I have it in a lovely little box. I make people pull them out like fortunes. Sometimes they’re perfect, they’re always at least good discussion topics.

  2. improbable Says:

    I just did a little research, and I think I can make a widget that will display a random improv quote every time you visit the page.

    I’m going to look into that.

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