Cat in a Toaster

[Sorry, closest I could get (source) ]

I can’t find any reference to this one (not even in German). But I suspect this is also attributable to Joel Dale (ed: apparently not).

Here’s the scene;

It’s Christmas Day and the player is a child who has just received two gifts; a cat and a toaster. The player doesn’t know what to do next, so he/she puts the cat in the toaster.

This is not as common as Atomic Spaghetti, but like that, once you have the concept in mind it’s very easy to spot it when it happens.

And what is happening? The player is thinking ‘connections good!’ which is true, connections are lovely. But not just any old connection, logical connections are good (it doesn’t even have to be real logic, it can be your own special brand of logic).

Not to say that putting the Cat in the Toaster is a bad move, it’s miles better than doing nothing, but it needs some emotional weight behind it. It can’t just be because ‘connections good.’


3 Responses to “Cat in a Toaster”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    I’ll ask Joel.

  2. jill bernard Says:

    Joel says, “I didn’t invent a cat in a toaster scenario. But my sister bought me a panini grill for my birthday. So…….”

    He is a TERRIBLE MAN!

  3. improbable Says:

    and yet all I can think about is how much I want to eat a panini right now.

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