Atomic Spaghetti

That last post reminded me of a great piece of improv terminology I once heard*.


Atomic Spaghetti

Imagine a scene that starts off with a guy eating spaghetti. The players seize on this idea: spaghetti! The spaghetti becomes more and more important until by the end of the scene… BOOM!   Atomic Spaghetti.

What we see is a kind of over-aggresive yesanding right from the top of the scene, which sounds great (it’s amazingly efficient to make a whole scene from one offer), but it’s like trying to make a human pyramid with only one person on the bottom layer.

You need to take some time to set the scene.  Eating spaghetti? Ok.  Are we in a restaurant? Is this a romantic dinner? A mob gathering? A romantic mob gathering?

Anyway, it’s a common problem with high schoolers, so it’s a great term to have (or better yet to coin a new term based on the first scene where the problem occurs)

*The only reference I can find is in German;

Atomic Spaghetti (von Dale Joel)
Das allererste Objekt, das in die Szene eingeführt wird, zum Focus machen, sodass sich die ganze Geschichte um dieses Objekt dreht.(Beispiel: Jemand betritt mit Spaghetti die Bühne und die ganze Szene handelt von Spaghetti)
The all first object, which is introduced to the scene, the focus make, so that itself whole history around this object dreht.(Beispiel: Someone enters the stage and the whole scene with Spaghetti acts of Spaghetti) Thanks Babelfish!

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