Chivalry and the Knights of Improv


One of the great things I’m getting out if doing this blog is it’s reminding me to go back and read over old improv articles that have helped me in the past.

This is a great article, that talks about a lot of the same things I’ve described previously (but, you know, better).

Chivalry and the Knights of Improv
by Tom Tollenaere

I guess that any improv player or improv trainer would agree that a good improv player is -among ‘other things’ – a player that is fun to play with. We all know tons of exercises to train players on these ‘other things’: accepting offers, advancing stories, building characters and tilting status, but how do we teach players to be fun-to-play-with? We use a vocabulary that includes terms like yes-anding, reincorporating, raising the stakes, tilting, pimping, waffling, you name it, but do we have a word for being-fun-to-play-with? I think that word should be ‘Chivalry’.

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