Whose Line


This weekend I was watching some of the first season of Whose Line is it Anyway (UK).

I remember watching those early Whose Line episodes when I was about ten years old. They were played on TV One on weekday afternoons (this is in New Zealand). I was sure I was the only who had stumbled across it, when the rest of the nation’s youth were watching Galaxy Rangers or Centurions or Sabre Rider and the Star Sherrifs (or… I don’t know… playing outside or something).

While I haven’t had much interest in Whose Line for many years now (with the exception of Wayne Brady’s singing), I still have a lot of fondness for those early episode.

Some disconnected thoughts;

-a typical round of ‘Authors’ in season one might include tributes to TS Eliot, Raymond Chandler, and Dylan Thomas. Number of times I’ve been asked to improvise in the style of TS Eliot? Zero.

-In the pilot episode, Clive Anderson is covered in sweat and his hands are visibly shaking. This made me feel a lot better about myself.

-Apparently the producers turned down both Mike Myers and Steve Carrell.


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