Brain Training


I don’t know how popular this is where you are, but here in Japan Brain Training is all the rage.

The basic idea is: doing simple mental exercises everyday can improve your mental fitness (measured in Brain Age or Brain Weight depending on what system you use) , as well as stave off the effects of aging.

Now, we improvisers are more dependent than most on the agility of our brains, so I think it’s fitting that we create ‘brain training for improvisers’.  A regimen that focuses on skills an improviser needs the most.

Here’s Exercise One

Memory: Character names and plot points.

In pairs.

Person A tells a story for one minute (extend this as you improve), including lots of names and details (good practice in itself).

Person B has one minute to repeat the story back as accurately as possible.


It also works if you play it by yourself, though it’s not quite as exciting.

Any other ideas for exercises?


One Response to “Brain Training”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    There’s an exercise that people who don’t know what a harold is call a harold. They play word ball, right, just tossing around words? Then they stop at some point and go backwards. So cat – dog – house – staff – infection – infection – staff – house – dog – cat

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