Intro to Improv: Specifics



4 Responses to “Intro to Improv: Specifics”

  1. jill bernard Says:

    I was talking to a publisher and he said I should turn my book into a comic. Which MEANS! Really you should turn your book into a comic. HA HA!! He wrote:

    “If you can inflate it to 75 pages, we can talk about a book deal. Maybe
    you could make a comic book. It ain’t as crazy as it sounds–the entire
    California building code was reduced to a 17-page comic that sold like
    hotcakes. (Subtext: I can print comics with fewer pages.) Take a look at
    *Understanding Comics* or *Making Comics*, both by Scott McCloud, to see what an ideal explanatory comic looks like.

    In fact, that’s a great idea. Comics would be an excellent medium for a
    kind of a “improv in a box” book. Like McCloud’s books, you could have a
    kind of narrator character that’s directing the reader’s attention and
    analyzing what’s going on, looking for commonalities, structuring them,
    etc. Very interesting idea. Look at McCloud’s books and see what you think.”

  2. improbable Says:

    Well, gosh. Hmmmm. Well I definitely think a comic is a great way to express ideas about improv. (and McCloud’s books are fantastic)

    I’m gonna have to think about this one.

    Does this mean you’re writing another improv book?

  3. jill bernard Says:

    No, I’m just tired of stapling and folding my old one. I should make a comic book one though, because everything so far for the next book is just little essays. Now I have to read the McCloud books. Hmmm.

    No YOU write a book! I’m sleepy.

  4. improbable Says:

    Well, for now, I’m going to keep writing comics here.
    Then, if things go well, I’ll expand them into a book.
    And anyway, I need to finish my other comic before I get carried away by a new project.

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