Use up all your ideas

One reason I write comics is because I do a lot of involuntary improvising.  My mind will start improvising a scene, and I know that if I don’t express it in someway (even if it’s just writing it down in a notebook) then I will try and force it into an improv scene, or it will just hang round in my brain, getting in the way and eating all the potato chips.

My philosophy is ‘don’t hold anything back.  Use up all your ideas and fresh ones will flow in to replace them.’

The reason Arrested Development was such an exhilarating sitcom was because they weren’t trying to pace themselves, they would throw out whole plot lines in the last five seconds of an episode and yet there was always somewhere new and exciting to go.  (Well, until they got canceled anyway.)


One Response to “Use up all your ideas”

  1. Dan Allan Says:

    Absolutely. As the game “30” shows, the exciting ideas really start coming out once all the obvious ones are gone.

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