This will be the last (for now) from my series ‘ideas I got from that Keith Johnstone workshop I went to that time’.

Not an exercise this time, but something to make workshops a more positive place.

If you’re in a scene and you realize that you’ve lost enthusiasm for it, you just throw your hands up in the air and yell ‘AGAIN!’ The other people in the scene will see what you’re doing and join in.

Then, straight away, you start the game again.

It’s better to be able to make good scenes than to be able to save bad scenes.

I think the great thing about it is that it forces you to do the game/exercise again without stopping for discussion. In my experience, if you pause for a few comments, you’ll get sidetracked away. Better to get straight back into it. I mean, god lord, if we give ourselves a chance to start thinking about our improv, we’ll never get any improvising done.

In terms of the the games we’ve been talking about, this is very handy for ‘nope’ when the teller is getting discouraged, and ‘lost in the forest’ when you’re down to just a few people.


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