The Wonderful Adventure of the People Lost in the Forest

I love this game. It continues on from the nope! game, but has a much snazzier title.

This game is something that Keith developed from his classic game Yes Lets! But with a stronger focus on story.

Here’s how it works.

Get a group of players (I reckon 12-20 is a good number) onstage.

Me (paraphrasing Keith Johnstone): Ok, so you’re lost in the forest and you’re going to have an adventure. Anyone can suggest the next thing you do. When you hear a suggestion, you can either do it (if it floats your boat), or quietly come and sit down with the rest of us. If we get down to one person, we’ll start again. Go!

It goes something like this;

A: Let’s follow that path. <everyone does>

B: Let’s see a strange light. <everyone sees a strange light>

C: Let’s look for food. <most people do, some people might sit down>

D: Let’s get eaten by a bear! <some do, most sit down>

After a few times through, players will be able to survive for longer without causing everyone else to abandon them.

After a scene, I might ask some players why they sat down (they don’t have to say if they don’t want to).

Having played it a few hundred times, it seems to me that players usually sit down at these times;

1. When they’re asked to do something they are personally uncomfortable doing.

2. When someone blocks an idea they liked.

3. When someone destroys the reality with a gag.

4. When they get bored (nothing interesting is happening).


You can of course change the setting (a beach, an island, the moon)

Murder variation: Silly but fun. Players can kill each other off by saying things like ‘let’s watch Brendon get hit by an asteroid’ (in which case Brendon has to agree and be hit by an asteroid or disagree and sit down). The only rule is that players can’t be killed in the same location, so you need to cover some ground between deaths.

Note: I haven’t had a chance to run this activity for a year or so, so I’m a little rusty. I’ll edit as I remember more.


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