Is improv theatre better than scripted theatre?

If I were to argue this case (and I’m not saying I believe it), it would go something like this;

Why do people watch a play instead of a movie?  Movies have much better sets, costumes, and  special effects.  What does the theatre have going for it?

Reasons to watch a play

1. Friends in cast.

2. Want to impress people with how cultured we are.

3. Greater emotional connection with actors/characters.  Unlike movies, you’re in the same room, breathing the same air.

4. Each performance is unique.  A movie is the same every time you see it, but a play is slightly different every time.

So ignoring the first two, doesn’t improv do what theatre does better than scripted theatre?  Isn’t there a stronger connection between actor and audience (since the audience has input in the show)?  Isn’t improv even more unique, shaped each time specifically and only for those in the room right at that moment?



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