Learning Theory


I think I’m a pretty good improv teacher. But not a great improv teacher.

The one thing I try and keep in mind when teaching is that it is much better for students to experience something than to be told about something. The activities I’ve talked about so far; Meeting the Monster and Yes And, are some of my attempts to put that into practice.

Here are some pretty good guidelines based on the theory of Quantum Learning.

The Quantum Learning framework for student learning is expressed in 5 Tenets of Learning:
Everything Speaks: Everything, from surroundings and tone of voice to distribution of materials, conveys an important message about learning.
Everything is On Purpose: Everything we do has an intended purpose.
Experience Before Label: Students make meaning and transfer new content into long-term memory by connecting to existing schema. Learning is best facilitated when students experience the information in some aspect before they acquire labels for what is being learned.
Acknowledge Every Effort: Acknowledgment of each student’s effort encourages learning and experimentation.
If It’s Worth Learning, It’s Worth Celebrating!: Celebration provides feedback regarding progress and increases positive emotional associations with the learning.

Read in full here.

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